“Regardless of your political beliefs, you can embrace The Minutemen Movie as an indie film upholding the honored tradition of independent filmmaking. For decades we have been losing this tradition as more and more indies move closer and closer to mainstream filmmaking. But Wascinski does not cave in to political orthodoxy. He tells a story and gives voice instead of delivering a platform to embrace or reject. We see real people in a real world with real concerns, even when we disagree with them.” – Stewart Nusbaumer, Huffington Post


Silver Hugo to THE MINUTEMEN (USA), a strong vérité film that challenges our perceptions of a controversial issue. The film catalyzes us to consider the meaning of patriotism, immigration and freedom. Director: Corey Wascinski


Vigilantes? Outlaws? Red-blooded patriots? Armed and tireless, the self-appointed watchdogs of the U.S./Mexico border are taking the illegal immigration issue into their own hands. Filmed over four years, this fair and balanced (no, seriously) documentary sucks you in to the conflicted lives of eccentric old-timers in mountaintop trailer homes and scrappy San Diego soccer moms who are in a constant struggle to secure the sprawling border while maintaining their own sanity.”- Bryce J. Renninger, IndieWire


“Making a documentary about ‘The Minutemen’ was a challenging task for any filmmaker. How do you tell the story of the men and women who have chosen to devote their every minute to patrolling the border between the United States and Mexico not as government employees but as concerned citizens without either demonizing/ridiculing them or turning them
into heroes. The highest compliment I can pay “The Minutemen” is that it does neither of those things. A strong-left version of the film could have made these people look foolish and extreme while a Tea Party version could have turned them into idols. Instead, director Corey Wascinski takes a very non-judgmental approach that fits the material perfectly by merely providing a you-are-there experience. Where is there? It is in the trailers, tents, and SUVs of some of the most memorable people you’ll see in a documentary all year. The most interesting thing about The Minutemen is how much they preach that they are merely trying to enforce the law and not discriminating (and I think some honestly are while others are straight-up racist). They blame our government for letting the border get to the state it’s in as much as anyone. Despite my strong opinions on immigration, “The Minutemen” constantly surprised me. It will surprise you too.” – Brian Tallerico, Hollywood Chicago