Corey Wascinski Director / Producer / DP

Corey Wascinski is a Co-founder of Ugly Dog Productions, a documentary film and television production company based in New York City. A first generation immigrant from Poland and one of the first in his family with the opportunity for a higher education, Wascinski pursued his passion for photojournalism and non-fiction/documentary storytelling at Brooks Institute of Photography. He honed his Visual Journalism skills by shooting and producing documentary photo stories/essays, multimedia projects, and short form documentary films. While shooting a photo essay on the border, he stumbled upon a character who summed up the struggle of the American nativist against the issues of illegal immigration. Passionate about this issue and intrigued by the politics and lifestyles of movement members, he spent the next three years embedded; covering the phenomenon that is “Minutemen.” The Minutemen is Corey Wascinski’s first feature film as a director.

Nicholas Weissman Producer / Editor

Nicholas Weissman is a Co-founder of Ugly Dog Productions. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Weissman found his passion for filmmaking at an early age, frequenting the local theater and learning from his parents who worked in the industry. He went on to study Visual Journalism at Brooks Institute of Photography where he received the Academic Achievement Award, Departmental Award, Brooks NPPA Best of Photojournalism Award, and the College Photographer of the Year Award: Pictorial. After college, he moved to New York City where he works as a freelance visual journalist/producer/editor for various media outlets including Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, MSNBC, PBS, TNT, The History Channel, and Sony Pictures. The Minutemen Movie is Nicholas Weissman’s first independent feature film.